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    • By admin
    • / 25 January 2014

    Indonesia Afghanistan South-South Knowledge Exchange: Learning between East and South Asian CDD programs

    The visit was a part of an ongoing series NSP’s visits are being supported by an AusAID Trustfund to Strengthen Service Delivery at Community Level  for (i) project level learning between NSP and Indonesia’s PNPM and (ii) policy level learning between government officials from MRRD and Ministry of Finance (MoF) in Afghanistan and the Ministry of Home Affairs (Bappenas) and the MoF in Indonesia.   This visit focused on the fiduciary and governance arrangements of PNPM.Aside from visiting Jakarta for policy level learning including exposure to donor coordination mechanisms, budget planning, and policy making, the delegation also visited Bantul and Sleman in Yogyakarta for field level learning focusing on community/cluster institutions and their linkages to other programs and local governance structures, project fiduciary arrangements, project monitoring, complaints handling mechanisms and institutional arrangements in PNPM.