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    • By admin
    • / 25 January 2014

    Southwest Maluku District is a newly expanded region, which border to Timor Leste. There are 48 islands in the district and PNPM is focused in 17 islands (8 sub-districts). Southwest Maluku Regency Secretary, Charles Kapresy said. “The PNPM Mandiri program is like a drop of water on arid land, cooling and refreshing, because the project immediately provides the basic needs of people such as clean water, eduction, health care and infrastructure.”

    KDP was implemented since 2001 and continued by PNPM since 2007. PNPM infrastructure is well maintained. One of the examples is KDP water tank that was built in 2004 in Tomra Village, Leti Island. The water tank is still functioning and well maintained. The challenges of the community in Southwest Maluku District to obtain clean fresh water can be read in Kompas Daily, 10 May 2012, page 1 and 15 with the title "Pemberdayaan Masyarakat, Kini Tak Berebut Air Tawar Lagi" (Community Empowerement, "We Don't Have to Fight for Fresh Water Again").