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    Maluku Tengah, Maluku

    12 January 2015 to 16 January 2015

    Government of Myanmar visits PNPM Mandiri Rural and PNPM Generasi location in Central Maluku, Maluku. The participants consist of 10 members, representative from the Department of Rural Development, Ministry of Livestock, Fishery and Rural Development. The sharing session held on the first day of visit in Jakarta. Beside Jakarta, they will be visiting Central Maluku, Maluku province to learn about Community Driven Development approach in post conflict area. The details of visist: 

    Date: January 12-16, 2015
    Location: Maluku Tengah, Maluku

    Monday, January 12
    Knowledge sharring session with PNPM Oversight Body, PNPM Rural, and PSF

    Tuesday, January 13
    Meeting Maluku local government

    Wednesday, January 14
    FGD about PNPM Management and conflict potential in local level with UPK Salahutu sub-district
    Observation and Discussion in Liang Village Community Meeting
    Observation and Discussion in Tulehu Village Community Meeting
    Observation the PNPM sub-project: road, school, water supply, market
    Observation the PNPM sub-project: road, school, watersupply, retaining wall and toilet

    Thursday, January 15
    Preview about PNPM Generasi: MDGs challenges in post-conflict areas Lahitu sub-district
    Observation PNPM Generasi in Hila Village: additional nutrition for children and pregnant women, school needs for students, furniture for the health post
    Discussion and Observation in Laihitu: public toilet and infrastructure constructing (Hitumesing), small bridge (Mamala)
    Discussion and Observation in Laihitu Barat: water supply and health post (Larike), market (Allang)
    Discussion and observation RLF activities under PNPM or Simpan Pinjam khusus Perempuan (SPP)

    Friday, January 16
    Wrap up and FGD on CDD approach in Eastern Indonesia development and post-conflict areas with NGOs, government officers, PNPM facilitators