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    Yayasan Indonesia untuk Kemanusiaan

    17 March 2014 to 21 March 2014

    To raise awareness and understanding on the importance of disability inclusion within PNPM, persons with disabilities need to have an active role in the technical and refresher trainings for PNPM Facilitators, specifically on disability issues. PNPM Facilitators need the information and training to be able to identify the needs of people and children with disabilities in the community so they can have platform and voice to access available services like education, health, skills training and access to credit (SPP).

    Disability Inclusion Window and PNPM Generasi are collaborating to provide a ToT training for select group of people with disabilities so they can train and work with PNPM Generasi’s Facilitators. This kind of training is the first concrete step for PNPM to become disability inclusive. The event will be opened by Sujana Royat, Deputy Minister for Poverty Reduction and Community Empowerment , Coordinating Ministry of People Welfare and Tarmizi Karim, Directorate General Village and Community Empowerment, Ministry of Home Affairs.

    If you have question please contact Rahmidiarti (frahmidiarti@worldbank.org or phone 29856300 / 087841196355)