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    The LG team has conducted a number of events and produced the following documents :

    During Phase One of the LGCD , the team has commissioned a number of  studies on linkages between PNPM, other community driven development projects, and local governments operations, with a particular focus on planning, service delivery and accountability. The aim of these studies is to inform short term and medium term policy and program decisions, specifically as they are related to the adoption of good practices into regular local government operations, and developing demand-side mechanisms that may trigger improved performance among local governments agencies and frontline service units.

    Stocktaking Study of Participatory Planning, Social Accountability and Local Government Capacity by Percik Research Institute :

    Lessons Learned from SPADA Planning and Service Delivery by PATTIRO :

    P2SPP/PNPM-Integration Learned Study by Suhirman and Rianingsih Djohani :

    Lessons Learned from the Pro-Poor Planning, Budgeting and Monitoring Toolkit (P3BM) by Suhirman and Donny Setiawan :

    Based on these, a number of policy papers and articles have been produced by the team, including: