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    • By esaraswati
    • / 31 October 2016

    The PSF Trust Fund supports the Social, Governance, Health, Education and Poverty teams at the Bank  to deliver an integrated package of policy advice and analytics that is helping: set national government policy priorities (e.g., Bappenas, KSP, Menko PMK, TNP2K); set implementation policy and systems (e.g., MoHA, MoF, MoV, MOH, MoEC); and, inform development partners (e.g., KOMPAK, KSI, INOVASI). Recent “Just in Time” analytics include the Village Law Debottlenecking Diagnostic, Dana Desa (Village Funds) Disbursement Monitoring Survey, Village Expenditure Public Review (ViPER) and an analysis of the equity implications of the Dana Desa (Village Funds) formula. Results from ViPER have been included in the Sub-national Government Public Expenditure Review (PER) for the Ministry of Finance. The medium-term pipeline of analytical studies includes: the long-term Generasi evaluation study, the longitudinal Sentinel Villages study on village governance, studies on teacher performance and ECED quality, as well as work on civil servants and strengthening the quality and availability of national data and government monitoring and evaluation systems.