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    • By esaraswati
    • / 31 October 2016
    • Training for early childhood education teachers 
    • Crafting session to compose montage art 
    • A session on effective communication skills 

    While access to early childhood education services in Indonesia has increased in recent years, many teachers in poor rural communities have not received adequate training. The ECED Frontline Pilot program aims address this by increasing the availability of high quality, affordable and locally relevant professional development for early childhood educators across the archipelago. This will be achieved by strengthening local government capacity to deliver training, whilst simultaneously empowering communities by involving them in the service delivery process and allowing them to exercise their purchasing power to increase relevance and accountability. In particular, local education authorities provide training resources and local teacher trainers, while community stakeholders, supported by Generasi facilitators, are responsible for scheduling and budgeting the training package. This innovative district-based, community-focussed training system will be piloted across 25 poor, rural and remote districts across Indonesia, providing professional development to 15,000 communities ECED teachers over a two-year program period. This is an important step in increasing the quality of early childhood education in communities across Indonesia, which will play a critical role in child development for future generations, mitigating the negative effects of poverty and inequality.