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    • / 10 July 2013
    • PHOTO The children of Raja Ampat are using their playtime to catch fish. 
    • PHOTO Wooden boat with motor engine is the main transportation for women in Raja Ampat. It is used for inter-island transportation to fishing 
    • After 15 years, the program has to change too. PNPM is like a child that needs to break free from its mother 

    KATADATA in partnership with Ministry of Home Affairs to review 15 Years of PNPM Mandiri Rural Implementation which disscused PNPM Mandiri's efforts in order to free border areas from poverty. These articles are published every third week, starting June 2013, on Tempo magazine and www.katadata.co.id.   
    This September's article discussed some inspirational stories about PNPM Mandiri Rural di border areas, such as:
    Poverty in Beautiful Raja Ampat
    The beauty of Raja Ampat cannot hide the face of poverty in this tourist paradise. Located in the provice of West Papua, this district is one of 183 disadvantaged regions in Indonesia. This story is about how a group of women are fighting to free their families from the poverty trap. 
    In the 15 years of PNPM, projects funded by credit union revolving fund loans increased more than six fold, from 42,425 projects (1998-2007) to 258,578 projects (2008-2011). Of all the PNPM Perdesaan projects, the women’s credit union program has grown the fastest. 
    A Strong Woman from Misool
    The threat of the cruel and savage Papua seas that almost swallowed her up did nothing to dampen her spirits. That's how strong the PNPM facilitators is in South Misoon, Raja Ampat. 

    PNPM is Still A Project

    INSTRUMENTAL in the birth of the national community empowerment program PNPM (Program Nasional Pemberdayan Masyarakat) was Scott Guggenheim. When working at the World Bank, he was the architect of the subdstrict development program PPK (Program Pengembangan Kecamatan) in 1998, which aimed to mitigate the poverty explosion following the monetary crisis.

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