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    • / 6 January 2014
    • PHOTO Axel van Trotsenburg (second row in light blue shirt) in front of the primary health center in the city of Benjeng sub-district 

    During his visit to Indonesia, Axel van Trotsenburg, Vice President of World Bank for East Asia Pacific, took a one day visit to Gresik District in East Java on November 10, 2013. Accompanied by Rodrigo A. Chaves, World Bank’s Country Director for Indonesia and Susanne Holste from PNPM Support Facility (PSF), he visited PNPM Mandiri in Kedung Sekar village of Benjeng Sub-district. “The reason behind the success of community driven development projects such as PNPM lies in the ownership, commitment, and dedication to improve quality of life,” Axel said after he visited the village health post in Kedung Sekar. According to the sub-district facilitator, the village health post was proposed by community in 2011. Before this building was constructed, villagers had to travel 4-10 kilometers to reach the primary health center in the sub-district’s city. There is no public transportation yet in that area, so only those who have motorbikes or cars could easily access the health center. To provide easier health access for the community, the village health post was constructed and managed by villagers, with support from PNPM Rural’s block grant in the amount of IDR118 million (approx. US$118,000). PHOTO Axel van Trotsenburg (second row in light blue shirt) in front of the primary health center in the city of Benjeng sub-district The village health post of Kedung Sekar benefits more than 3,100 villagers, where about 23 percent of them are poor. This health post, accessible for villagers 24 hours, is ran by one midwife, one nurse and three midwife assistants - all of them women. The delivered services are free, but villagers who’d like to get additional medicines are asked to contribute about IDR10,000 – Rp. 20,000 (approx. US$1-2). This community contribution is used for the health post’s operation, building maintenance and honorarium for the three assistants. During the visit, in a village hall, Axel shared his experiences with the villagers and heard what villagers had to say. At the end of the exchange, he strongly stated, “As a man, I am proud to say that community development will not succeed without active participation of women. Therefore we have to make sure that the women participation is improved. … and girls should have access to the best education, equal opportunity in jobs.” His remarks were applauded loudly by all the villagers. Before ending his brief visit to PNPM Rural, Axel also visited the house of a revolving loan fund (RLF) beneficiary. Here, he and the delegation closely observed the making process of a traditional woven cloth. Previous to the PNPM Rural visit, Axel stopped by the primary health center in the city of Benjeng sub-district.