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    Regular weekly monitoring of Indonesian media allows our stakeholder to have a pulse on public opinion and to keep track of specific issues within our works.

    Period: April 6-16, 2017


    • Director General for Fiscal Balance at the Ministry of Finance, Boediarso Teguh Widodo, expected regional transfer could address the issue of underdevelopment. He stated that the number of underdeveloped regions has decreased from 180 to 122 (in 20140 and 102 (in 2016). The government set a target of reducing the number of underdeveloped regions to 42 by 2019.
    • Ministry of Finance announced on Apr 13 to that it has completed transferring portion of DAK (Special Allocation Fund) and DD (village fund) to 493 regions. As many as 48 regions have not received DAK and DD transfers because they have not satisfied all the requirements. The deadline for these regions to submit requirements were extended to 31 May.
    • The amount of DAK that has been transferred was IDR 15.4 trillion (87.5% of total allocation for the first quarter of 2017), while the amount of the DD was IDR 13.2 trillion (36.7% of the total DD Phase 1).
    • Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) recorded 62 corruption cases at the village government level in 2016, resulting a total loss of IDR 18 billion. Corruption at the village level was lower than that at the district level (219 cases causing IDR 478 billion of loss) and the municipality level (73 cases, with a loss of IDR 247 billion). Majority of the offender (47%) were state officials (National Civil Apparatus or ASN), followed by private firms and village officials.
    • Following an establishment of PT Mitra BUMDes Nusantara, affiliated to the State Bureau of Logistics (BULOG), the government would begin an integration of over 5,000 BUMDes in five provinces in Java into the holding company. In this pilot project, BUMDes from three to five districts in each province would be selected as participants. In this scheme, PT Mitra BUMDes would become the majority shareholder.

    Complete report available here.