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    Regular weekly monitoring of Indonesian media allows our stakeholder to have a pulse on public opinion and to keep track of specific issues within our works.

    Period: March 16-22, 2017


    • The Ministry of Tourism proposed 10 percent allocation of village funds (Dana Desa – DD) for the promotion of local tourist destinations. This formula would apply to around 1,900 villages that had been identified by the ministry as villages having potentials in local tourism. It is estimated that up to IDR 100 million could be allocated in each village
    • The Minister of Village stated that village governments should prepare BUMDes to become the source of income. Many BUMDes had been able to contribute to village income, but more BUMDes were still struggling due to lack of qualified human resources. The minister suggested the village to provide training for BUMDes staff, as part of community empowerment program.
    • The Health Minister stated that maternal mortality rate (AKI) had decreased in the last three years, from 359 (2012) to 305 (2015). The overall decrease in the last ten years, however, remains slow and Indonesia’s maternal mortality rate remains as one of the highest in the Southeast Asia. Nearly 70 percent of maternal deaths occurred on Java and Sumatera. The government set a target of 70 maternal deaths in every 100,000 births by 2030. The government would focus on improving health referral system. A pilot project by the ministry concluded that improved referral system would decrease fatality rate by 2.5%.
    • The Directorate General of Early Childhood Learning Center and Community Education (PAUD and Dikmas) at the Ministry of Education would propose an allocation of IDR 8 trillion in the 2018 State Budget for provision of early education for around 19.2 million children.
    • This year, the Parliament would be discussing bill on Recognition and Protection of the Rights of Indigenous People. The Presidential Staff Office (KSP) would set up Indigenous People Task Force to harmonize the content of the proposed bill and to prepare necessary measures to reform relevant bureaucratic structure.

    Complete report available here.