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    Disabled People Organizations (DPOs) is a project under the civil society window of the PSF (Window 3). The project creates a unique opportunity to engage and strengthen DPOs and other disability-specific organizations through a targeted on-granting approach. 

    1. Mapping of DPOs in Eastern Indonesia: This process is intended to fill data gaps related to DPOs capacities, with a focus on DPOs in Eastern Indonesia, where data gaps are particularly severe and where the needs of persons with disabilities are compounded by the development challenges of disadvantaged areas. The data derived from the mapping process will assist the GOI and development partners to better serve PWDs and to ensure their inclusion in poverty reduction programs. This mapping will support the project’s Executing Organization (EO) partner in understanding the organizational and technical capacities of DPOs in the target region in order to provide customized support.

    2. The Establishment of a Multi-Stakeholder Forum: The establishment of this forum will provide a venue for Government, DPOs and development partners to discuss and formulate better disability-related policies and programs.

    3. Customized Capacity Building and Organizational Development Support for DPOs: Building on identified needs and strengths, the selected EO, Government and development partners will collaborate to provide customized capacity building and organizational development support for DPOs by providing grants and otherwise making resources available to DPOs and PWDs. Resources will be made available to enable DPOs and PWDs to acquire advocacy skills and knowledge and to build the collaborative networks they need to become actors rather objects of disability policy and programs. Ultimately, this is intended to ensure the inclusion of people with disabilities into broader society.