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    SPADA comprises two projects, SPADA National which covers 186 kecamatan in 32 disadvantaged kabupaten in eight provinces; and Aceh–Nias which covers 19 tsunami, earthquake and conflict–affected kabupaten in Aceh and North Sumatra provinces.

    PNPM–SPADA is designed to bring PNPM–Rural experiences in participatory development planning and implementation mechanisms to the kabupaten level, and to build the capacity of local governments to deliver basic services in disadvantaged and post–conflict areas of the country. SPADA provides block grants for local planning and investment at the kabupaten and kecamatan levels, with sub–projects determined through participatory planning processes involving communities and multi–stakeholder groups at the kabupaten level. The project provides intensive technical assistance and training to local governments and citizen groups to improve the local government planning process, specifically to increase accountability, transparency and community participation. SPADA operates with an “open menu” system for the use of the block grants, but at least 30 percent of the district block grants must fund health and education sub–projects, and at least 5 percent of kecamatan grants are targeted to youth. Both SPADA National and SPADA Aceh–Nias are implemented by the Ministry of Disadvantaged Areas.