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    Lead writer: Niruban Balachandran and Jackie Pomeroy

    After seven years of implementation, 2015 was a critical transition year for PNPM as it began its new role in supporting the Government’s implementation of the Village Law. The Government of Indonesia has built on its success with PNPM across the archipelago in strengthening community institutions and their ability to deliver cost-effective infrastructure, and to enhance
    access to social services and economic opportunities by institutionalizing PNPM’s principles of community driven development (CDD) in the Village Law and mainstreaming them into grass-roots development activities.

    This report presents 2015 progress in the PNPM Core programs and activities under the three (out of four) remaining operational windows. The closing of a range of pilot projects begun in 2014 continued through 2015, and the remaining on governmenting projects have been adapting to the new policy and institutional structures.