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    PNPM Peduli

    PNPM Peduli retreat was held at the Manhattan Hotel, Jakarta from 26 – 28 November 2012.  The retreat involved the national Peduli implementing partners (Kemitraan, ACE, Lakpesdam NU,  IKA and PKBI), and representatives from Kemenkokesra AusAID and the PSF. The retreat was a  follow-up to both the external assessment of the pilot phase (August – October 2012) and a  Menko Kesra and PSF planning session to develop a program framework for Phase II. The aim of  the retreat was twofold: i) to introduce and discuss the Phase Two Framework, ii) to discuss with  each EO how this will shape and refine their individual programs for Phase II. Intended outputs  were: (i) Program consensus on the Phase Two Program Framework; (ii) Identification by each  national partner (EO) of a potential program focus under this framework; and (iii) asset mapping  and identification of synergies across the program. As agreed during the pilot phase, the  Intermediary Partner model will be phased out in Phase II and well performing IPs will have the  opportunity to submit a proposal to become Phase II EOs. For the purpose of Phase II planning,  the retreat therefore treated IPs as EOs.