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    Susan Wong

    Susan Wong, Social Development Practice Manager, World Bank, gave a presentation at the PSF Office on August 13, 2014 entitled “Putting People First”, focusing on the World Bank’s current global approach to Social Development issues.  The presentation provided a comprehensive overview of trends and issues in Social Development practice at the Bank, with a focus on Community-Driven Development (CDD).  CDD remains one of the major thrusts of the World Bank’s social development work. Trends are emerging in CDD programs in many countries across East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa as well as in Europe and Central Asia, including national scaling up from projects to programs and greater institutionalization of CDD; increased Government counterpart funding for CDD, as seen in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Morocco; increased focus on disaster response and fragile and conflict areas; and increasingly, CDD is becoming the instrument of choice in countries that are opening up and trying to quickly improve governance, such as in Myanmar, Iraq, and the Central African Republic. Susan concluded her presentation by discussing some of the opportunities and challenges in CDD moving forward.