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    PNPM Peduli is a Government of Indonesia program that was launched in 2011 and aims to reach out to marginalized groups that have not been touched by poverty alleviation programs. Social and economic exclusion, discrimination, and stigma, has prevented the marginalized groups in accessing their basic rights as citizens. 

    PNPM Peduli partnered with 72 civil society organizations (CSOs) in Indonesia in reaching out and working with marginalized communities at the local level. After running for four years as a pilot program, PNPM Peduli has reached 442 in 231 communities in the village; 91 districts / cities, in 25 provinces in Indonesia. Those who receive benefits amounting to 19,645 marginalized people, and consisted of 58.8% women, 39.1% men, and 2.4% transgender. Currently, 67.5% of beneficiaries reported to have got better access to health and education, while 30.7% had been involved in small business activities.