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    • Pemenang Lomba 1001 Jejak PNPM Mandiri

      Terima kasih kepada semua peserta yang telah mengikuti lomba 1001 Jejak PNPM Mandiri. Inilah nama para pemenang! Sampai jumpa di Temu Nasional PNPM Mandiri 2014!

    • PNPM Mandiri di Dialog Kabinet Indonesia Bersatu Menjawab TVRI

      Dialog Kabinet Indonesia Bersatu Menjawab TVRI
      Tema : Masyarakat Berdaya, Mandiri dan Bermartabat
      Siaran Langsung 20:00-21:00 WIB

    • Ringkasan Diskusi Twitter dan Facebook #BicaraMandiri Undang Undang Desa bersama Budiman Sudjatmiko

      Senin 24 Maret 2014 pukul 19.00-20.15 WIB, akun Twitter dan Facebook PNPM Support Facility menggelar Talkshow #BicaraMandiri bersama Budiman Sudjatmiko dengan tema Masa Depan Desa dengan Undang Undang Desa. Diskusi online ini diikuti oleh lebih dari 1.100 akun media sosial Twitter dan Facebook.

    • Breaking through the barriers of disability with PNPM Mandiri

      13 participants attended the Training of Trainers to develop disability inclusive activities in PNPM Healthy and Smart Generation (PNPM Generasi Sehat dan Cerdas – PNPM GSC). The participants came from places throughout Indonesia, including Jakarta, Bandung, Sukoharjo, Manggarai NTT, Denpasar, Lombok, and Manokwari.

    • Community Video: Bringing Participation to People’s Homes

      The Malaka Creative Community study group consists of village youth, most of them young women, in a village in North Lombok.  The group visits people in their homes to interview them on issues such as waste management, the quality of the local health post, and the PNPM Mandiri program.

    • MAMPU Knowledge Sharing: Empowering Indonesian Women for Poverty Reduction

      DFAT's MAMPU project is well into its first phase, and so it is timely and useful to hear about the overall program approach, key activities, successes and challenges experienced so far; and to also explore any opportunities for cross-learning or collaboration going forward - to help us better promote gender inclusion across the PSF portfolio.

    • PNPM Generasi Saves Children’s Life in a Remote Village

      Nearly 150,000 children under the age of five die every year in Indonesia, most of them during birth or in the month following birth. One of the main goals of PNPM Generasi is to reduce the infant mortality rate across Indonesia. In the remote area in West Java, villagers must spend two hours to reach the community health center by boat. "There’s no electricity, it’s cut off from the rest of the world."

    • Anti-Corruption Movement 2014: Learning from Villagers How to Prevent Corruption

      At a community gathering for promoting the anti-corruption movement “Rembuk Rasa Anti Korupsi bersama PNPM Mandiri dan KPK”, three inspiring stories were presented.  The gathering was held in Jombang on Saturday, March 8, 2014, and attended by 200 people.

    • Taking Corruption out of the Shadows

      The puppet master, or dalang, Ki Purbo Asmoro has chosen to perform his new play on this special night. The puppet performance is the culmination of a series of anti-corruption activities held in Surabaya and Jombang. Around a thousand people have filled the field.

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